Free VPN Services For IOS

Every user has ever heard about VPN service. Apple devices are considered to be more secure when it comes to hacker attacks and viruses; nevertheless, that doesn’t mean no one can get your personal data if you use any of Apple products. iOS is a reliable operating system, but it’s not invulnerable. VPN for iOS is unbloker service.

Popular Free VPN Service For iPhone and iPad

Here are a few decent and inexpensive options which will protect you when going online.

  1. Betternet

Unique VPN providing qualitative service. The app is really user-friendly; downloading it from the Apple Store, you need to just change settings and easily turn it on or off. Betternet is often used for getting access to the content available in the USA only.

  1. TunnelBear

VPN service which has good reviews from thousands of users. Downloading the app, you’ll have to sign up and connect your Twitter account. TunnelBear gives you 500 MB free; you will have to select another plan in case you want to use more MB.

  1. Private Tunnel VPN

The service has gained in popularity in 2014. Given VPN is widespread among users who are willing to protect their personal and business data. Download the app for safeguarding yourself online; the app will protect you when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network, so you can be sure you will be safe whenever you are. You will be able to easily mask your IP, access blocked websites and remain anonymous online.

  1. Opera Free VPN

Opera VPN is a convenient free VPN service you can easily install on your PC, laptop or smartphone. VPN is built inside the browser making it possible for you to surf the web being completely anonymous. It’s free, easy to use and works with Netflix, as well as has no bandwidth limits; nevertheless, it has no customer support and doesn’t allow torrenting. The servers are located in Asia, America, and Europe.

  1. Windscribe

VPN encrypts your online activity, blocks ads, and unblocks any content you want to get access to. You get 2 GB free the moment you download the app, as well as can get 10 GB more after the signup. Moreover, you can choose any server from 60 countries of the world to connect to. The service protects you against cyber attacks; it also blocks malware and has the strongest encryption. The app is user-friendly; you can find a plan which will be right for your budget.