Free Premium VPN For Android

VPN can help you get access to blocked websites, remain anonymous online and easily protect your personal data. Caring about privacy, more and more users download VPN for android services in order to avoid hacker attacks and leave third parties no chance on getting their private info. There are numerous free and paid services which will make it possible for you to safeguard yourself online, but which one should you choose?

5 Options To Choose From

Here are 5 premium VPNs making it possible for you to safeguard yourself when surfing the web on Android device.

  1.   NordVPN

A modern user-friendly service which has a great number of pros. It protects user’s traffic with cutting-edge security technologies ensuring strong encryption. NordVPN features:

  • protects all your devices;
  • easy to use;
  • 24/7 support;
  • money-back guarantee.

The service has no limitations, as well as can be installed on lots of platforms.

  1.  Hola VPN

One of the most widespread free VPN for Android which will help you protect yourself online. Downloading Hola VPN, you become able to bypass censorship, as well as avoid hacker attack and protect your personal or business data. Peculiarities of the service:

  • high speed;
  • has no ads;
  • protects your privacy;
  • can be connected to 10 devices simultaneously.

You can also buy a special plan which will make it possible for you to take advantage of even more features.

  1. TunnelBear

This is one of the most widespread services for Android devices. TunnelBear is easy to use and is really user-friendly. Regardless of the fact it’s a free VPN for Android, you won’t be able to use all the features unless you pay for a special plan; you only get 500 MB for free. TunnelBear peculiarities:

  • has servers in over 20 countries of the world;
  • high speed;
  • AES 256-bit encryption.

You will also have to sign up in order to use VPN.

  1.   ProtonVPN

One of the most famous apps known for its reliability and quality. ProtonVPN features:

  • keep your browsing history private;
  • sends Internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel;
  • makes it possible for you to access any website you want to.

Security is the main focus of the service, so you can be sure your data and private information will never be stolen while using ProtonVPN.

  1.  Betternet

The service which will help you safeguard yourself online protecting you from malware and scams. Betternet peculiarities:

  • has adds;
  • one of the top apps on Google Play;
  • encrypts connection so you can browse the web privately.

The sign up is not required; you can use the service right after the installation.