Hotspot Shield VPN: Pros and Cons

Today, we can choose from a wide range of VPN apps. These are indispensable for anyone who cares about internet safety and prefers browsing free of geographic restraints. Is Hotspot Shield the best tool of its kind?

The main considerations for any virtual private network are security and speed. As it turns out in the Hotspot Shield VPN review, the program under review can offer more. In this article, we examine the upsides and downsides in comparison with rival products.

The Good 

So far, the software has attracted a whopping 650+ million users, with servers located in over five dozen countries. According to the information on the official U.S. site, it is the most grossing productivity-related app in the App Store for the nation. First, let’s look at the major benefits delivered, according to the advertisement: read more

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Where to Find 100% Free VPN?

Every user needs a VPN. There are no exceptions at all. If previously a virtual private network was needed mainly to overcome various locks or regional content access restrictions, today the using a channel is an important element of Internet hygiene. If you connect to the network via public Wi-Fi, it is the only VPN that guarantees your security. What is more, you can always rest assured of your online privacy and invisibility. In general, even if you think to use a VPN rarely, it is still important to have it at hand. read more

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